Wahclella Falls

Of the many things I miss about living in the Northwest, hiking the trails around Mt. Hood and the Columbia Gorge are very near the top of the list. My latest trip back was jam packed with social engagements (butterfly-style!) but I really wanted to get a hike in.

My friend Stephanie took me down towards Cascade Locks for an afternoon hike (her ad agency had recently staged a photoshoot along the trail leading past the waterfalls). Aside from the picturesque falls, the surrounding cliffs dripped with lush greenery, cascading a fine misty veil over the surface. Just gorgeous.


::For the Geology buffs in the room (just for you, Adj!):

The dramatic profile of the Gorge and its surrounding features are built up from the Troutdale Formation – and the deep channels carved by the numerous rivers and waterfalls clearly show the layered strata of the region.

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