Shimmering Salmon

This recent (to me, anyway) addition of brushed stainless steel salmon onto a storefront flanking the North Park Blocks caught my eye not just for the the artwork that is is, but also because it is adhered to the SINGLE slick, modern facade on this 5 block stretch (which, of course, houses an architecture firm and advertising agency).



The facade, executed by Thompson Vaivoda sometime in the very early 90’s, is a strict symmetry of butt-glazed storefront and spandrel glass, and prominently showcases  a white geometric  staircase featuring the T-V signature square cut-out.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s an attractive building, although a bit out-of-context with its artsy, converted warehouse-y neighbors, so the funky addition of (stylized) fish is a nice way of working it more into the neighborhood fabric.

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