Revit – Graphic detail references in Door/Window (Faux) Legends

Okay, some of you don’t want to add detail references to your schedules, you prefer to see things graphically. Legend views in Revit nicely recreate all your component families in 2D images derived from the family, but you can’t place referenced section callouts in a Legend View.

A workaround to place detail section symbol graphics over a window/door elevation requires creating isolated views of each window/door type, assembled on a sheet into a (composite) legend.

Isolate window/door views:

1. Create elevation views of the various window/door types (TIP: rename these views to clearly identify their purpose, ie: Legend_WindowType1A, etc)

2. Select the desired element in the view, and using the Temporary Hide/Isolate tool from the View Control Bar, Isolate by Element. (TIP: I select Levels as well, so I have a finish floor reference that I can dimension to)

3. Adjust plotscale, crop boundary, etc., to what you want to see in on your sheet.

4. Place Section callouts referencing the appropriate sill/jamb/head details in your project. (TIP: Section View – Detail type locks you to a vertical symbol – switch to Detail View: Detail to place a horizontal symbol.)

Assemble these isolated elevation views onto your sheet, and there you have it! Graphically referenced details over views of your door/window types!

(TIP: After placing the first view on the sheet, I use a viewport type with no viewtitle for the remaining views, so they have one unbroken line beneath them all, which is the same approach I take with assembling grouped interior elevations)

Originally contributed Aug 2009 by: Nancy McClure, AEC Application Specialist with Ideate Inc.
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  1. Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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