Creating Revit Titleblock Symbols with Instance Visibility

Many firms want to have various symbols on their titleblocks, such as an Architect’s stamp, or a ‘Not For Construction’ block, but need to control visibility sheet by sheet.
To create these types of elements, simply create a new symbol to add to your titleblocks, and set it’s visibility to an Instance parameter:

Create the new symbol:

1. File > New > Family. Select the Generic Annotation template.
2. Draft/Text your desired symbol. Images can be used, but I recommend recreating it with vector linework, if possible.
3. Save

Load into the Titleblock:

(for visual instructions, see this clip:
1. File > Load from Library -or- load from the Symbol tool.
2. Using the Symbol tool, place where you want the symbol to appear.
3. Select the symbol, and open it’s Element Properties
4. In the Instance Parameters, Visibility, select the small grey box at the far right of the parameter
5. Select the button to Add Parameter, and create a named parameter, designating the heading you
wish it to appear under in the Element Properties, and specifying it as an “Instance” setting.
6. Save the titleblock, and load into your project.

Visibility of the new symbol will be controllable through each sheet’s Element Properties, under the

Instance settings.
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  1. D Williams says:

    This was a helpful guideline. Thanks.

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