Little Things Matter

I’m still playing with the new features of Revit Architecture 2012, and while there are some new tools that are intriguing (parts, assemblies and analysis), THIS is what I’m currently appreciating the most:

Ah, yes, the little things really do matter! 2011 felt it was most important that I be really REALLY clear on what program I was currently using and who owned it, with the file name as an afterthought. 2012 trusts that I know what the program IS, and I really should be more concerned with what actual PROJECT I’m currently active in.* Thanks for coming around on that one, Autodesk!

*8/2011 – SP1 actually returned the UI header to the original, real-estate wasteful status of using 34 characters to list the program before listing the project.  In Twitter perspective, that’s akin to 24% of your message (from the start) spent defining the service that everyone using the service already knows.

Now I need to check and see if they’ve finally removed the horribly misleading “Not Editable” business for worksets…. YES! YES ! YES!

Okay, THAT is my new favorite thing! (Who says I’m not easy to please?!)


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