MGMT views – Work those schedules!

It’s taken me a while to get the more senior staff to open up a model file.  They are rarely ever ‘hands on’ in the production aspect of the project, and are (the unspoken truth) a bit intimidated that they’ll cause a model disaster and have the entire office (let alone the horrified production team) to answer to.

How to get them to fear less, and review more?  I apply two methods:

1) I give them detached versions of the model for spot-check reviews.

2) I entice them with preset Management views (primarily Schedules).

Management views are any report (graphic or data) that gets to the heart of the issue – whether its a Sheet List showing what sheets went out with what issue, or an overall floor plan that color-codes the 2-hr area separations and reports an accumulated occupant load exit route.   It can be as simple as a condensed sheet list for total count to enter on the permit submittal forms, to as advanced as a tracking list of all distributed SK responses to RFIs (what? do you still get any of those?) and which aggregate Bulletin they were issued in, and what governing authority it was issued to.  For senior staff to have access to all that – with just a few double-clicks of the mouse, in a safely separated model, is, to borrow the words from a popular ad: Priceless.


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