Putting the I in IPD

More and more, subconsultants are being provided a Building Information Model rather than traditional 2D backgrounds, and are being asked to return a 3D deliverable in kind.  And with that, comes questions:

Q:  Do I have to use Revit, too?
A:  Not necessarily.  There are ways to utilize the Revit model within your current production tools, or at least to find a common platform between the two, for the means of viewing and interacting with the model.

Q:  My process will continue to be 2D – how can I translate this into a 3D environment that the Architect can use in their model?
A:  Defining an agreed upon deliverable is key.  Most architects, even when requesting a 3D deliverable, will accept a hybrid of 2D and 3D – a kind of ‘2.5D’ product that they can easily integrate into their own 3D environment. It is important to clarify what the prioritized emphasis will be on – visualization or documentation – and ensure your approach meets that purpose. This has great impact on the means and methods to achieve those goals.

Q:  How will this change in process benefit me?
A:  Being able to work directly with the Architect’s evolving model gives you better clarity of the environment of your scope of work, with less time wasted waiting for information lacking in 2D backgrounds. More information and better visualization up front means less re-work throughout the process and a happier client!

For assistance developing a workflow from Revit to your current design tool, clarifying deliverables, and developing workflow processes, contact info@apertedesign.com and let’s start talking!

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