Local files are like donuts

….you don’t want a day old one!

Create a NEW local file from the Projects > Open > [select the CENTRAL file], verify that CREATE NEW LOCAL is checked, and OVERWRITE EXISTING FILE when the option pops up.

Complications that can arise from working in yesterday’s local file:

a) on larger teams, the amount of change that may have occurred since you left your old local may be very cumbersome to synchronize – or Revit may fail to sync it at all, which puts you at risk of lost work.

b) any maintenance that may have been done on the file after you closed out (audits, compression, purging) would be immediately overwritten by the old local’s sync – loading all that fat back into the model.

If your current model files are relatively small – ~100MB, you may not be on a large team, or doing frequent model maintenance, and you may think this doesn’t really apply to you.  When your projects move into DD/CD and get into the 300MB range, these risks have even greater impact – greater consequences! – so get the new local habit in place NOW.

On a similar thought:RL early, RL often!

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