Preparing for Navisworks Clash Detection

Many of the smaller firm clients I work with do not have in-house access to Navisworks for broader, multi-discipline clash detection, but may be contributing a model to be reviewed in Navis through the primary consultant, or the contractor on the project.  As is the case with a current project, the architectural team wanted to maximize the value of the clash report, while reducing the crazy amount of clashes that can result of a non-refined clash run.

As the actual work in Navisworks was being conducted by another consultant on the team, we coordinated with them to streamline the process as much as possible BEFORE tweaking in the Navis environment.

Prepare An Export View
We set up a folder and easily identified view “Export to NWC” for the Navis technician to quickly locate.  The view had an applied View Template that turned off all Revit links, CAD resources, non-reviewed worksets and general model categories that were not the focus of the clash review (Site and Furniture, for example.)

Preset EXPORT ViewFilter by Assembly Code
The View Template also included Filters to get more specific about families WITHIN the visible categories – in this case, the model contained manufacturer content for skylight tubes, which were a high focus for the clash review.  The manufacturer had classified the elements as Windows, so we needed a way to include these specific ‘windows’ into a clash selection set while still excluding the other windows.

Uniformat Code ReviewThis is a pretty simplified example of the power of using Assembly Codes to filter out elements prior to the export – a more advanced (and REALLY useful) application was in having the Mechanical model filter out flexduct that could be easily field-coordinated OUT of the export model, which reduced the number of Structural Framing to Mechanical Ducting clashes from being in the hundreds down to a manageable bakers dozen!  Now THATS a more efficient approach to clash detection!


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