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To Edit or Not To Edit…

Firms take different approaches to template files. Some, (I’m looking at you @twiceroadsfool) like to load ‘em up with most everything a project needs, and let the teams weed out what they find they don’t need.  Others take a more … Continue reading

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Show History Comments

I’m a big advocate of milestone archives (surprisingly, its less common than you’d think).  Making a significant revision mid-way between milestone deliverables? Archive.  Getting ready to clean up the model by ‘accepting’ Design Options? Archive. This leads to me being … Continue reading

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Preparing for Navisworks Clash Detection

Many of the smaller firm clients I work with do not have in-house access to Navisworks for broader, multi-discipline clash detection, but may be contributing a model to be reviewed in Navis through the primary consultant, or the contractor on … Continue reading

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Nesting Shared Elements

Combining a bunch of stuff into a single family (nesting) makes modeling more efficient, and can be less of a processing hit than groups – but there are some things to consider – specifically, if the nested elements should be … Continue reading

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Project Start Up – Site File

Although a Revit file can be a complete site, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND teams model the SITE separately from the BUILDING. Here’s why: 1) Buildings are modeled in PROJECT NORTH by default. This makes for more accurate models/data, and supports the … Continue reading

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T.I. Test Fit Guidelines

Test fit requests often precede actual T.I. contracts, and are typically a very basic per-square-footage fee. As such, budgets rarely allow for 3D build-out of existing spaces, and the goal is primarily to get area summaries and office/workstation counts against … Continue reading

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Converting CAD Details

Every firm needs to invest time in converting their detail library from legacy CAD format into smart, editable Revit details. This is NOT a ‘push the EASY button’ process, but there are different methods with different (in value and future … Continue reading

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