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BIM and Risk Management

First off, I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve sat through conferences with many of them, enough to know that the legal liability of an architect is at minimum, daunting, at maximum… well, let’s not (hopefully ever!) go there. A client … Continue reading

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Realities of Revit implementation (and why I won’t answer to ‘guru’)

I consult for several architectural and engineering firms, and on occasion I hear the team(s) refer to me as their Revit ‘guru’. While the intention is innocent enough, it always makes me cringe. Guru seems to suggest someone who has … Continue reading

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Revit Language Skills

“Parlez-vous Francais? Non? Pourqoi pas?”  I spent a week in Paris in 2009, and while I had attempted to dredge up my high-school french vocabulary, I was sadly at a loss to communicate with language-proud Parisians.  I faltered, I feined, … Continue reading

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