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Resolving Redundant Rooms

This is an addition to the original post on resolving ‘not placed’ rooms New users are often befuddled by how to place Room Tags in open-flowing areas.  They quickly drop rooms into the zones of a plan, name them and … Continue reading

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Preparing for Navisworks Clash Detection

Many of the smaller firm clients I work with do not have in-house access to Navisworks for broader, multi-discipline clash detection, but may be contributing a model to be reviewed in Navis through the primary consultant, or the contractor on … Continue reading

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Protected: Customizing Keynotes

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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T.I. Test Fit Guidelines

Test fit requests often precede actual T.I. contracts, and are typically a very basic per-square-footage fee. As such, budgets rarely allow for 3D build-out of existing spaces, and the goal is primarily to get area summaries and office/workstation counts against … Continue reading

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Why/When to use Shared Parameters

Revit is an Object Oriented Database, using numeric ‘handles’ to track data fields, and associate them to individual elements, via category definition. This invisible ‘handle’ is more important than the name of the parameter itself in correctly consolidating information. Whenever … Continue reading

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Streamlined Elevators

Each project has to qualify their elevator spec, which typically means a customized family per project.  I’ve created a prototype lightweight (2.5D) family that can be adjusted per specified unit, with dims ‘locked down’ to prevent modifying away from the … Continue reading

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Resolving “Not Placed” Rooms

Today’s tip is on eliminating the pesky “not placed” rooms that crop up in schedules: How it happens: Rooms get created to label spaces in early design iterations, then are deleted as the design evolves. While the element is now … Continue reading

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MGMT views – Work those schedules!

It’s taken me a while to get the more senior staff to open up a model file.  They are rarely ever ‘hands on’ in the production aspect of the project, and are (the unspoken truth) a bit intimidated that they’ll … Continue reading

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Revitizing Pre-Design

There’s a whole lot of work that goes on for a complex design problem before a pen hits the sketchpad (or the cursor hits the screen, whichever is your process). For any project, no matter the scale or scope, there … Continue reading

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Revit – Add Detail References to Door/Window Schedules

A typical office standard is to have head/jamb/sill details listed in the overall Door (or Window) Schedule. Revit does a great job of tracking and coordinating those references throughout the views, but doesn’t give the end user a way to … Continue reading

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