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To Edit or Not To Edit…

Firms take different approaches to template files. Some, (I’m looking at you @twiceroadsfool) like to load ‘em up with most everything a project needs, and let the teams weed out what they find they don’t need.  Others take a more … Continue reading

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Highlighting Affected Parameters

I like to give credit where credit is due – and this aspect of working formulas into parametric families deserves a bit of praise – when selecting parameters in the Family Types dialog, the view will highlight the parameters that … Continue reading

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Is ‘the cloud’ still a dream?

Technically speaking, no.  ‘Working in the cloud’ is already a reality – look at your cloud-hosted email services and customer management tools – a tremendous amount of daily data exchange is already up there.   But should your team’s design data … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Revit .ini

All of the default settings and operations in Revit are controlled by the .ini file in the install.  The ini file is the portal for any customization of your Revit environment, from changing the background color from white to black,  … Continue reading

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Little Things Matter

I’m still playing with the new features of Revit Architecture 2012, and while there are some new tools that are intriguing (parts, assemblies and analysis), THIS is what I’m currently appreciating the most: Ah, yes, the little things really do … Continue reading

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