apertē apertus (adverb)

  1. openly, manifestly
  2. of language, without reserve, plainly, clearly

Aperte Design is Nancy McClure. My formal design background crosses many media – print, fine arts, web graphics, design-build furnishings, historic renovation and retail and residential architecture – the cross-pollination of which steered me towards 3D modeling, both in my own design work, as well as consulting to and training other designers.

With over a decade of design team experience across commercial and mixed-use project types, I have been involved from early programming and schematic design through consultant coordination, full documentation and construction administration services. I have worked to transition offices through technology advances from CAD to various 3D tools and Revit model management. I believe that design is about communication, and I’m passionate about training and consulting design teams in Autodesk Revit Architecture to effectively communicate their vision.

In addition to architectural design, my interest in urban issues and sociology have led me down a variety of paths: as an urban blogger for SF Metblogs focusing on public art, and as a community activist organizing Jane’s Walk neighborhood walking tours since 2009. I have written on such topics as collective housing, strawbale construction, and urban bicycle transit.

Contact me at:   nancy@apertedesign.com
on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nancymcclure/


*While the computer is the current medium of choice, I remain a prolific hand-sketcher, and am currently participating in The Sketchbook Project.