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see: Realities of Revit Implementation

I focus on the WHY as much as the HOW. In Revit there are often several ways to achieve a certain visual goal – the challenge is as much about WHY one method should be used over another as in HOW to do it. And the WHY often changes – between different modes of construction, or for design teams with different workflows. I focus on coaching teams to be thoughtful and strategic in the modeling process, for better management of the virtual model but also to have it more accurately reflect how the building would be constructed.

Working closely with my clients to establish an efficient development baseline for teams to work with, I team with the designers to train and assist them parallel with the design development, and to plan for efficient and effective documents. This involves providing baseline and advanced training, customized templates and content and leading critical strategy discussions on modeling methods, network parameters, collaboration techniques and processes.

My focus is on small- to mid-sized architectural firms – design-focused teams who don’t have dedicated technologists on staff. They need a strategist’s knowledge of the tools, combined with a practitioner’s knowledge of the industry and the required deliverables. Understanding how a design inevitably evolves over the project life is crucial for defining processes that can adapt with those changes.