Urbanist’s View

I experienced living in a large city for the first time in Frankfurt, Germany in the early 1990s.  My apartment was across from a 10 acre park, a block from an UBahn station, a bicycle ride away from everything. I carried my Canon AE-1 with me everywhere, and fell in love with architecture and public spaces. This experience was the pivot-point that steered me towards architecture as an education and profession.


I’ve now lived in several major metropolitan areas, including Houston, Texas, and the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve also lived in some glorious smaller communities, such as Portland, Oregon and Savannah, Georgia. While they’ve each instilled specific lessons on architectural fabric, trials of transportation or weather woes, all have provided insight and inspiration on what it means to live in the urban context – and how varied that context might be. My blogposts range from reviewing public art for SFMetblogs to giving bike-sharing a whirl in Paris and Copenhagen. Some are just commentary on glimpses I’ve captured of the world whizzing by.

I’m in the midst of transferring old blog posts from another host to this site, but until I do, you can read the breadth of the Urbanist posts here:  https://apertedesign.wordpress.com/